Sexual Health

Sexual dysfunction is something that affects both men and women alike.

Patients are increasingly demanding non-pharmacological treatments to stimulate the body's natural healing response.

CSQ Bio™ provides a turnkey solution includes everything you need:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Advanced technology
  • Reimbursable devices
  • 3rd party pre-authorization and billing support
  • Regenerative medicine starter package
  • 1-year free coaching with a CSQ Bio™ representative
  • Marketing to retain and increase your patient base


"Living with ED is painful, mentally, physically & emotionally. Thank you so much, for all the work, you have done with me & for me through this opportunity for healing with the use of regenerative medicine. Results so far have been varied.

Urinating is definitely not as painful. It would burn/ sting about 90% of the time usually. Now I’d say it’s about down to 30-40% of the time. Plus, even when it hurts, it’s not that bad.

Saving the best for last, I did have sex this past week with my wife & though the physical feeling was very muted; I was able to feel pleasure & I DID NOT have any pain. Big WIN!! An additional treatment, for even greater results is on the horizon."

Life changing !! Thank you

Stephen, AZ

Testimonial Update!

"Hi Alyssa, Just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on everything. I feel like intercourse is getting much better with my wife. We have had more opportunities and I have found that I still don’t have the size or the volume in my erection I did prior to the surgeries but I am able to maintain my erection for the duration of intercourse. I still think I only have approximately 40% of the feeling in my erection overall but it seems to have increased after each round of injections so I find that promising.

I also noticed that my penis fluctuates in size drastically throughout the day. I never really noticed it until this past round. In speaking of changes I have noticed the girth of my penis feels and looks bigger than a few months ago but haven’t really noticed in the change of the length.

Most promising, I was able to ejaculate majority of the time during sex following this past round. I have still yet to experience an orgasm or even the feeling like I am going to ejaculate but keeping my hopes up. The burning and pain during sex has almost completely subsided and only on rare occasion do I feel any negative sensations. The only negative feeling has been the occasion post intercourse from right after to maybe 24 hours after where I have found a small nodule in my scrotum where my testicle used to be but every time it dissipates within 24 hours.

Urinating is finally not miserable and actually would feel as if I am 95% back to normal.

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for this opportunity and all the amazing things you have done for myself and my family. We are eternally grateful. I continue to look forward to working with you guys."

Stephen, AZ

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