Joint Injections

32.5M Americans currently suffer from osteoarthritis, with that number increasing with the ageing population.

Over 73 million Americans suffer with a mobility limiting disease with 23.6 million suffering from osteoarthritis. Obesity and the aging population is driving an increase in OA as well as the demand for knee replacements.

CSQ Bio™has developed a turnkey osteoarthritis treatment protocol for primary care and integrative practices to offer guided osteoarthritis knee injections.

Our advanced Osteoarthritis treatment protocol provides a well-established process to provide relief for Osteoarthritis sufferers.

7 in 10 patients avoid or delay surgery.

Our turnkey program includes advanced imaging technology, regenerative medicine starter package, 1 year of free coaching with a CSQ Bio™ representative.


"Since being diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 14 months old pain is all I have known. The arthritis attacked my body so severely that by the age of 15 I had to have bilateral knee replacements. Even with the best medications and the best physical therapist the joint damage kept getting so severe and by the age of 34 I had my 6th joint replacement. Right knee done twice, left knee, left hip and Right Hip done twice. So I finally started looking into alternative therapies. That’s when I discovered stem cell therapy to salvage my other joints affected by my arthritis. It worked amazing, but the results didn’t always last that long. That was until I was introduced to CSQ Bio. I had my Right shoulder injected with their regenerative treatment and from the moment I had the injection go in until now I have not had one ounce of pain and my shoulder moves with complete ease. That was over 1 year ago! I have never experienced results like this and truly wish I had found this company prior to getting all these joint replacements."

Mercy, AZ

"I’m 43 years old and have been a lifelong athlete, a 3-sport athlete thru high school, football wrestling and track. A College football player, a competitive power lifter, and spent 10 years in the military. I currently am a Firefighter Paramedic at one of the busiest fire houses in the valley, it has been my work home for almost 10 years…I currently stay in shape for firefighting by training Brazilian jiu jitsu & Crossfit. I’m a brown belt in BJJ and have spent more than 10 years on the mat, I have always been injury prone, and my list of injuries is long. I take my recovery seriously, eating right, ect…but as a firefighter I am dragged down by near constant sleep deprivation.

I discovered regenerative medicine about 2 years ago and immediately started working on resolving my lingering & painful injuries. I had regenerative medicine injections in my knees, elbow, and shoulder. All healed to varying degrees, some injuries were several years old, but all improved dramatically.

Recently I tore my Medial Meniscus while sparring in BJJ, 10 days after injury I received a injection on the medial side of my knee. On Day 1, I felt immediate relief, the joint was very “full” but not swollen. By Day 2, I was walking near normally. I’m now on day 6, I was able to kneel down on the injured knee with no pain. If you have creaky painful joints and old injuries."

Matt, Arizona Fire Fighter

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