The donors of the human tissues have been deemed free from risk-factors.

Clearance of risk-factors include for, and clinical evidence of, infection due to relevant communicable diseases and other exclusionary disease conditions through the review of the donor’s medical records, including medical/behavior risk assessment and a recent physical examination.

Testing of a qualified blood sample indicates that the donors are negative or nonreactive for the following communicable disease markers:

  • HIV-1/2 Antibodies
  • Nucleic Acid Test for HIV-1 RNA
  • HBVntigen
  • HBV Core Antibody (Total)
  • Nucleic Acid Test for HBV DNA
  • HCV Antibody
  • Nucleic Acid Test for HCV RNA
  • Rapid Plasma Reagin Screen*, or
  • Treponemal Specific Test
  • Nucleic Acid Test for WNV RNA**

The donors are deemed eligible for tissue donation by the tissue bank’s Medical Director.

All materials and bio samples are determined to be acceptable for transplantation use through a stringent quality assurance review process.

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