I’ve had the opportunity and honor to work with and become a close friend of Alyssa Flores.

I first met Ms. Flores in 2006 when we worked together at the First National Bank of Arizona. It was immediately clear that Alyssa was driven, focused and very well versed in relationship management, merchant services and bank sales.

She excelled in helping my clients with their merchant service processing and in aiding me in establishing profitable and long lasting relationships. Her knowledge and passion in the field of treasury management was often on the cutting edge of B2B and P2P applications and she has always looked for better and new ways to help her clients be more efficient with their banking needs. Alyssa is innovative and forward thinking and she truly cares about her clients and she wants to see them be successful.

She has carried this passion and dedication to her more recent ventures and she makes every possible effort to ensure that her current clients are receiving best the treatment possible and care that they need and deserve.

One of the most admiring traits that Ms. Flores possesses is her passion for the community. Through the Alyssa James Foundation she has been able to help countless individuals, families and organizations live better lives.

Whatever Alyssa has done, she has done it well. There is no doubt in my heart that she will not continue to do so as she moves into the next stages of her career and personal life.