Last year, Alyssa took a chance and hired me.

While I knew I’d have to work hard, I never anticipated how hard Alyssa would work alongside me. She never expected anything done that she wasn’t prepared to do herself.

I feel as though I grew and improved, both professionally and personally under Alyssa’s guidance. She has been a genuine and constant source of motivation to me and the rest of her staff. Alyssa puts stock into her employees and dedicates her time to helping each individual achieve their respective goals.

Throughout my time working with Alyssa, she has always shown grace under pressure. In the world of medical sales, one must learn to adapt, change, and pivot on any given notice. This is something that Alyssa has done flawlessly. Due to her adaptability and ingenuity, she has overcome any obstacles that this industry has thrown her way.

Alyssa doesn’t just manage expectations, she manages our goals and aspirations. Working under Alyssa is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.